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amadeusz ft. ambroży - jesteśmy gejem

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I am sorry guys 

24 deviants said aaalso Happy Easter for everybody (:
6 deviants said I neglected dA things so much ;;
5 deviants said I just wanted to say sorry for ignoring a lot of things, I'm not so active here like I was before...some things just happened
3 deviants said anyway I think I'll be more active here for some time ->…
2 deviants said I have 20K messages in my box, I didn't check them from almost a month


moe moe ch00n ch00n
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bóm chakalaka

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stay in your own universe. never let the world eat you.

ICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
The things I like to draw the most are my characters of course. The story about them is all my life. I always used to create a lot of characters and treat them that way ♥
i can be not the best in the things that I'm doing, but my desire to create will never die. I'm sure.
Don't event expect any fanarts from me ;-; I'm not even fan of manga and anime - but I love the drawing style in general.

My native language is Polish, so sorry if I make mistakes sometimes!

Account with art for others - syetlu
Ask -
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Dumbledore's MagicalSpankDance by Zani-LokiPARTY HARDVoldemort's MagicalSpankDance by Zani-Loki

What do you do...

Tue Mar 10, 2015, 7:08 PM

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When you start to lose interesting in your own characters?
Do you have a feeling that everything you created about them isn't worth making it anymore?

If you have some plots with different characters - can you deal with them at one time?
Please tell me! ;; I did something horrible to all these characters that you can see in my gallery. After 4 years I'm not into RFTS anymore and don't even want to draw them. 4 YEARS, SO MANY UNFINISHED DRAWINGS, 20+ NOTEBOOKS WITH THEIR STORY X'D Yes yes these ones from the contest journal.  I did a comeback of older characters and I feel good with it. But it happened so quickly...I still had a lot of ideas for RFTS but then I felt that I need to stop it. 
Did you have similar situations? What did you do with your out-of-date ocs? I want to know your experience with losing interesting about your charas ;-; 

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Yes yes...FINALLY, I CAN HOLD A CONTEST ;O; Please read carefully!

I wanted to do a contest since almost a year, but I didn't feel ready for it. I can't wait forever - I finally decided to hold it! I'm editing this journal since August.../slaps

I hope this time you will be more satisfied with the prizes, I'll try to do as many prizes as I will be able to give.

It's a ''draw my character'' contest, so the only one thing you need to do is draw one (or more) of my characters from the list below C:

Spreading the info about the contest would be really greatly appreciated ;///; I don't know how many people would want to join it, I'm still kinda stressed. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that no one will even look at this journal. Please help me to make this contest a bit more popular ;///; Even a small journal can help.




- don't be afraid that I won't like your entry. I love every little picture that somebody drew for me. Seriously, don't even ask if you can join the contest, everybody are very appreciated. And even if you won't win, your entry will meet WITH TRUE LOVE. 
- please follow the references, don't change the designs very much ;; Well, the time of story that they all belong to is 1900-1940s, so drawing the characters in very modern clothes or sceneries would be kinda weird x'D
- you can draw as many characters as you want and as many entries as you want, but only one can win.
- digital, chibi, traditional, pixel, just whatever you want to. I really don't mind, it's cool to see different techniques. (but please not 100% realism shh)
- don't draw really weird drawing characters as an animals or sth like this you know :'v Also don't draw my OCs with different OCs.
- any bases aren't allowed, sorry
- please submit your entry to dA!

//update, added more refs of Hilka
also, one thing: I will be updating this journal sometimes, if you already know that you don't want to join and you think it's irritating, you can unwatch my journals

D E A D L I N E: I said it will be in May, but it may be even in June, because I'm working on new refs ;n;

The most exciting part...the prizes!

1st place:
- 5425 :points:
- 2 pixel pagedolls
- one full colored halfbody
- a russian bat in a magic sneak sauce from east Azerbaijan + sausage tea //I'm sure you will like it XDD

2nd place
- 3215 :points:
- 2 pixel pagedolls
- one full colored halfbody
a german rhino's head with a bit of shark's powdered fangs //believe me man I can cook very well

3rd place
- 2215 :points:
- lineless chibi
- pixel pagedoll
- headshot
- polish turtle soup with some delicious cockroaches //you won't regret it

4th place 
- 1555 :points:
- two headshots

- magical cookie which tastes like giraffe!

5th place
 - 855 :points:
- headshot
- halfbody pixel pagedoll
- not so magical cookie which tastes like hyperooold salmon with onion and strawberry jam

6th place
- 555 :points:
- headshot
no food here

7th place
- 365 :points:
- halfbody pixel pagedoll

8th, 9th, 10th place
- 215 :points:

And maybe honorable mentions too. I will try to give the prizes to as many people as possible! But of course it depends of numbers of entries I'll get ;;;; 
If less than 13 people will enjoy this contest,  there will be only 4 places (with the same prizes ofc).
About the art prizes: when you will, I'll note you and you can write me what would you want. But please note I won't draw fanarts, animals, pokemons and furries, only OCs. And as you can see, I offer over 20 arts as a prizes, so don't expect them in super short time ;;
ps. yes, I know that my current to-do list is actually huge, but I'll finish it before April, so don't worry XD


Sooo now the characters. Of course not all of them, I chose the ones with the best references. You can choose who you want, just have fun! You don't have to read everything, I just had to add it XD
As I told, if you want to change their clothes a bit it's ok, but not too much.
If you want to draw them together (still more chances to win), please follow the description! Not everyone can be with everyone.
For the most proper color reference go to last pics with the chibis in different clothes.

Ancheal - since his birthday is close, I want him the most!

48 by EndiriaCommission - Endiria by XiChuuthat foggy sunrise by Endiriaschprotka by Endiria21 by EndiriaAT with Endiria by VisualVerdictancheal by Endiria[Comm] Endiria by ShiraKyandii<da:thumb id="491559064"/>PC:Endiria by do-natradio by EndiriaIch Dwoje by Endiriaseas will tell you by EndiriaChibi Commission 1 by Ru-tanthese ones with sea in their eyes by Endiriaszil45 by Endiria

anshiru by Endiria

Info: Ancheal is one of the main characters, average norwegian sailor who just wish to be accepted as a normal human being (well...he and some others have one magical property and their ''race'' is calling halcylian (they would kill me for using the word race, but what to use instead of it? it's not very important), but he absolutely don't admit to be one of them and all his magical things are almost dead). He's tsundere-ish, harsh and mistrustful, can be aggresive if you'll try to be closer to him or know his secrets. But he can be also more cheerful, funny and protective. Even thought he's very hardworking, he's always poor as heck, he can't afford his dear radio. Liar and thief, but still a positive character. He is also very obstinate and brave, he fouht on a world war. Doesn't want to be in a center of attention but likes to feel that the world is needing him. Likes seals, ships, stealing things, never think about his past. Arvis is his younger brother, their relations are rarely good but sure you can draw them together XD Ok stahp, I already wrote too much.
Other characters related to him:
Almi7455 by Endiria

and dear captain Svein svein38 by Endiriawho I can call almost a villain ;; but their relations aren't so bad. Of course every character can be drawn separately too
Even though he and Ronya aren't pair and their relations aren't even so good, drawings of them both are welcome too ;u;
Appearance: He is the tallest from all of charas from the journal. He never shows his ears because of weird accident in the past. His hair is middle long and very very very dark navy blue, more like black, not blue (as same as Sven). His eye color is dark deep blue.


hey sailor by Endiria13 by Endiriana gacie odyna! by Endiriasome ronyas with grabies by Endiria4s by Endiria45 by EndiriaD by Endiria421 by Endiria243 by Endiria00 by Endiria
AT: Endiria by TaitRochelleCommission: Ronya by Key-of-MCM- Endiria by riicebunniiAT: endiria by Oldivory

ronya ref by Endiria

Info: This stupid blondie lives in a small village in mountains where her father is a leader. She is cheerful, active, pugnacious, kinda agressive, hates being closer with somebody. She has a big family but unfortunately I don't have good refs of her 8 siblings. She doesn't act very girly, she likes adventures, doesn't want to work for money because stealing is more risky XD, her favourite animal is and bat; she can be really rude to others, but she's quite sensitive deep inside.
Appearance: She's a pretty girl with cheerful face. She doesn't have a super model's figure, she's definitely not very skinny, but people consider her as attractive. She has a long wavy blonde hair. And this hair is really big, believe me. Her eyes are pale green and she has some freckles. She has something to Ancheal, but it's not a love. OF COURSE IT'S NOT >O< She realised that she liked him but it was too late mwahahah.

its name its noturill and it likes bread by EndiriaEyse ~pc by milkyteruC: Eyse by HeadphoneMonster

2 by Endiria89 by EndiriaThey exist by EndiriaPage Doll Com. ~ Eyse by MyStarryDreamseyse by ririisia
Info: Eyse was saved by Ancheal when he got wounded and lost almost all his memory. He's a bit weird boy who loves forests, aliens and is very ashamed of his weird ears. Maybe looks inconspicuous, but can be very stubborn and firm, sometimes even irritating to Anchi - he would like to help him but usually is too distracted.
Appearance: He is rather short and quite skinny. He has grayish-blue hair and blue eyes. NO NO NOOOT VIOLET And the most important thing, these squirrel ears. And yes, this alien plushie is very very important ;3; You can play with his clothes a bit, I didn't do a ref for him. I wanted but I got lazy.

Characters related to him: Hylsuubreeding some magical sticks on the head by EndiriaF by Endiria

weird friendship by EndiriaSailorrrr by AmberTheSatyr[Pcomm - for Endiria] by Vinvii35 by Endiria

4 by Endiriathere was only gray and a few shades of red by Endiria97 by Endiriaarvischibi by EndiriaCommission: Arvis by Key-of-MAT - Arvis by Jeera97Arvis by PinkNightFury
532 by Endiria
Info: Arvis is 5 years younger Ancheal's brother, but he always wants to show that he's really independ from him. Even it doesn't look like that, he's a bit mentally stronger than Anchi. He often seems to be kinda cold and shy, but inside he is curious, rebellious, funny, has a big fanasy; he's less mistrustful than Ancheal but doesn't want to talk much with people. He likes mysterious things, very cold temperature, biology things, animals, especially reindeers, nothern lights. And likes milk but shhhh he's not that little boy type . I ship him with Hilka
Appearance: Arvis is not so tall as Ancheal and not so delicate as mr. squirrel, and his hair is shorter than Anchi's, the color should be just dark brown. His eye color is very intensive pale blue. He has a black eyepatch because his second eye told him goodbye when he was 5. 

hilka by EndiriaArvilka by Endiria77 by EndiriaHilka2 by EndiriaChyhyhyhy by Endiria:C: Hilka by Chisukii2 副本 by UtingYAT: Endiria by Hiratsumi
Info: I want too add this character too, but I don't have so many refs of her...But I'll give it a try. Explaining of her personality and story would take a lot of place ;-; You can draw her separately, but as she feels something to Arvis, drawings with both of them would be welcome!
She is a weird being that consider herself as witch-like creature searching for emotions, but she doesn't know who she really is. There is too many confusions with her XD She seems to be crazy, but she's just a lost soul that did too many bad things without bad intentions. Sometimes she's kinda proud and cold, but she can easily change it and be very direct, funny and sensitive. Her symbols are red leaves.
Appearance: She doesn't always looks so cute and her face can easily change to more crazy. She always looks like to be in early 20s but her age is unknown. She has four braids, her hair is quite wavy when it's down. I'll add more refs later.


643 by EndiriaAstrid made him the krupnik on sowa by Endiriaswitezianka by Endiria<da:thumb id="428785848"/>zwen by EndiriaCom: Endiria by aiyoruuhuskies by EndiriaThat weird family by EndiriaAT: Sven by monjinka
some svens by Endiria

Info: Sven is a character from the first generation, first part of the story. He's a bit grim and taciturn, can't show his emotions. Very hardworking and talented, but also really quiet and not very likeable, he has a very bad reputation in all the village. He has 5 beloved husky dogs. He's generally a good person, but seems like a bad character because he always makes too many fails; he even murdered some people. But he has his warmer side too. After a long story the girl he loved finally fell in love with him too. As you can see on this group picture, Ancheal and Arvis are his and Astrid's children ;3; Of course you can draw anybody from this pic with him.
Appearance: His hair color is as same as Ancheal and the eyes are very pale blue; he looks rather mature and serious. You can draw him in the sailor uniform too ////so many poor sailors. That brown hat he is wearing is the same hat that Astrid and Arvis wear (it was worn by 95332270 people, same as blue sweater XDD)


into the sunset by EndiriaThe first of December by Endiria35 by Endiriawarm up~ by Endiriasanta maria by iinnaidifferent shades of blue by Endiria.:Comm:. Endiria~ by Asu-hime353 by Endiria8xvs5x by Endiria

Drawing her with Sven or her sister Linnea (black haired girl in last 2 pics) or Lydia:
 Art trade with Endiria: Lidya by OginZ[AT] Lidya by iyru523f by Endiria gives more chances to win ;w; And you can draw any of these girls separately too.

Info: Astrid is a character from first generation. She didn't get on well with Sven at first, but later they fell in love together (well, she liked him before, but you know, neighbours). She seems pretty innocent, but can kick your ass very well. She was very closed with her sister. Sven fought for her everytime, but he lost her and had to live alone for about 20 years ;w; Romantic pairs are welcome here!
Appearance: She's rather delicate and eye-catching to people. Her hair is brown (no not orange), but sometimes the tips can change to blue (magic...).


I like saccharides by Endiria4633 by Endiria53225 by Endiria[Com] Endiria by koto-chiiNeed more sugar! by Reddomi//more refs coming soon

Info: Variel doesn't know the rest of characters from here, he's from other part of the story. So needs to be alone on a picture. He's very important character in the story, a leader of some kind of peaceful organisation. Very charismatic, cheerful, sarcastic, sometimes cheeky, he never seems to be sad. He has a lot of crazy ideas that other people like to refuse, but he is really intelligent and they usually must agree with him. Everybody think he is at least 25, but in the fact...he is only 17 when the story begins; he was always instructed to act like he's older. Hates rigid people, boredom. He has a horse with very nasty name; likes to joking everytime; forever busy.
Appearance: Variel is cheerful looking young man. His eyes are brown, not red, not orange, not yellow ;-; His hair is just white and yes, he should always has this red cape.

31212 by Endiria.:AT:. Endiria -Honoria- by BlackStarsShineToo536 by Endiriahello I'm anna maria and I really like to lie by Endiria
hhh by Endiria

Info: She isn't related to the other characters too, she's from the same story but from different plot. She is graceful, talented and mysterious actress. Her story is still a work in progress. She likes plants, sending letters, old items, hedgehogs and is bit scaried of fantasy books. She always acts like all the world is an air for her. You can find some more info in the last pic with roses in bg <:
Characters related to her: Yutia 121 by Endiria

And yes, that's all ;w; If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask! I really hope someone will join ;;

Swen Po Marii Magdalenie by Endiria


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