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bóm chakalaka

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stay in your own universe. never let the world eat you.

ICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chanICON: Scribbly Sun by Cupcake-Kitty-chan
The things I like to draw the most are my characters of course. The story about them is all my life. I always used to create a lot of characters and treat them that way ♥
i can be not the best in the things that I'm doing, but my desire to create will never die. I'm sure.
Don't event expect any fanarts from me ;-; I'm not even fan of manga and anime - but I love the drawing style in general.

My native language is Polish, so sorry if I make mistakes sometimes!

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Dumbledore's MagicalSpankDance by Zani-LokiPARTY HARDVoldemort's MagicalSpankDance by Zani-Loki


Tue Jun 23, 2015, 1:46 PM

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ASDHKDGHK I'M REALLY SORRY THAT IT TOOK SO LONG, my internet connection was horrible from some days ;; And I had to think about the results for all day...that's why I'm posting these results now. SORRYSORRYSORRY;;;;;;;

I LOVE all the entries I've got. It's amazing that so many people participated and I feel totally suprised. It was hard decision to pick the winners, believe me. I'd love to make a prize for everyone, but you know, it's not possible XD;  Even though I don't use these OCs anymore (it was rather a goodbye contest), I feel so honored that you guys wanted to draw them. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I really didn't expected it!!! I was suprised when I saw that the contest journal hit so many views. It means A LOT for me.
I'd like to present all the entries here.

:iconblueheartplz:Ancheal: Contest Entry by bad-juju-art:iconblueheartplz:[CE] moze morze tez jest glodne? by PinkNightFury:iconblueheartplz:Contesta by Pastelodie:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry~ by SparkleBloomSwirl:iconblueheartplz:Hylsuu by piyoaaa:iconblueheartplz:Variel by justarandomboss:iconblueheartplz:CE: Ancheal by Elypsi:iconblueheartplz:[CE] The Hills of Time by Divine-Princess:iconblueheartplz:Riel by TM002:iconblueheartplz:Honoria by pirupiruze:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry [endiria] by SpoCk-emon:iconblueheartplz:Ronya by Meplusmeep:iconblueheartplz:Variel by Lirsya:iconblueheartplz:Ancheal and Arvis by justarandomboss:iconblueheartplz::iconblueheartplz:Eyse by justarandomboss:iconblueheartplz:Ronya by justarandomboss:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry: Pretty Flowers by Hanoi25201:iconblueheartplz:contest~ by AshleyMonserrat12356:iconblueheartplz::iconblueheartplz:Ancheal by anabanana20:iconblueheartplz:Endiria contest :3 by thanhxomgao13:iconblueheartplz:Endiria contest entry : hilka and sven by lollyspectrum:iconblueheartplz:A Valley In The Mountains by StaseyLin:iconblueheartplz:Where Do You Think You're Going? by KiraraYukikaze:iconblueheartplz:Among The Birch Trees by LoriBirdy1999:iconblueheartplz:Ocean Selfie by rhavendc:iconblueheartplz:Endiria's Contest Entery by MiraCahill:iconblueheartplz:Honoria by KudamonoYasai:iconblueheartplz::CE: 15 by Mc-19051:iconblueheartplz:CE : Variel by Akai-Len:iconblueheartplz:Yutia-entry by yoshix3extraa:iconblueheartplz::iconblueheartplz:CE - Sailor by Hirfael9:iconblueheartplz:[CE] Crimson Afternoon by Maki-sann:iconblueheartplz:Contest by DarkShadowBunnyChan:iconblueheartplz:Contest-Ronya by KelyphelieFB:iconblueheartplz:Honoria by ochatea:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry for Endiria by mapleleaf775:iconblueheartplz:[AC] Astrid amd Linnea by northarctic:iconblueheartplz:CE:Ronya by MinawaSeiko:iconblueheartplz:CE: Flowers for thee by KawaiiNoDesu:iconblueheartplz:Endiria's contest entrery by MiraCahill:iconblueheartplz:Contest Chibi by bustcos789:iconblueheartplz:Variel by haeunlee17:iconblueheartplz:CE: endiria by akaicchi:iconblueheartplz:Variel by AniCrys:iconblueheartplz:Oc Contest Entry by pb21794:iconblueheartplz:GO away by Daifuno:iconblueheartplz:CE : Familia by ChocoVanillaX:iconblueheartplz:.:CONTEST ENTRY:. by doletth:iconblueheartplz:Contest: Ancheal and Ronya by Kiry-Kiyo:iconblueheartplz:CE: A Walk Through the Grasslands-Endiria by NarutoKunoichi1010:iconblueheartplz:Ancheal_Contest by reese-yamawe:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry: Life is a Adventure! by Cherrywind101:iconblueheartplz:If summer comes by Sketchii-tan:iconblueheartplz:::CE:: Sunset in the sea by NekoSammy:iconblueheartplz:[CE] Night Sky by heerart14:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry  for Endiria by ItsRieuna:iconblueheartplz:Sinking Dreams by reddwin:iconblueheartplz:Contest Entry: Hylsuu by littlebink:iconblueheartplz:CE: Arvis by Potter4me:iconblueheartplz:Blue Muse by pandajelo:iconblueheartplz:I hope that my feeling for you by ChiMUii:iconblueheartplz:Stop Right There by ChocoVanillaX:iconblueheartplz:
Hilkarvis by Kuraisky:iconblueheartplz:Heart of Water by The-QueenofHearts:iconblueheartplz:CE: REACHING by margarethnov:iconblueheartplz:CE: Sisters by berrysquid:iconblueheartplz:Lost... by DragonBunnyGirl:iconblueheartplz:Autumn by Anis-Rin:iconblueheartplz:Eyse Contest Entry by BellaNightling:iconblueheartplz:Fall in your Emotions by baetakids:iconblueheartplz:Want a ride? by Ziano-rein:iconblueheartplz:Ancheal by Ayelk:iconblueheartplz:Suki by VidelsEnigma:iconblueheartplz:Ancheal by NekoHaruNyan:iconblueheartplz:The sailor by Avaloki:iconblueheartplz:The Sun Shines by Levina99:iconblueheartplz:

Anyway...I'm sorry for that I was...kinda emotional-less about these drawings, I didn't post a comment under all of them ;^; I absolutely adore all the artworks and I'm glad you guys liked my charas - but yeah, just as I said, it became a 'goodbye' contest. You won't see these characters anymore, I'm no longer into their story. Yeah, it's kinda stupid, I was thinking about this contest since last summer and I finally decided to hold it in February...and then, in the end of February, I did a thing that was a huge change for me. I stopped writing their story, drawing them, thinking about them. They just passed away from my head. I don't feel like they're mine after these 4 years. I already wrote a journal about it and I even moved all my drawings with these characters to Scraps, because I didn't feel good with THEM in my gallery. ;; Also, I don't draw in digital so much in this year, so that's why my gallery is kinda empty X'D
Personal things, feelings are changing. Buuut. They're still my charas, yeah? Seeing drawings with them IS A HUGE HONOUR. And I'm happy, extremally happy with the results of my contest! Because of the fact that they were made for me, it really means for me. They all are wonderful and I treat them as a treasures!

SOOO the most exciting thing...THE WINNERS!

I'm gonna send you the point prizes right now, but for the art prizes you will have to wait some time. I lost my interest in digital drawing, so it may take some time ;-; But you will get all the prizes, I promise, just give me time!
To see what you won - please look here -> CONTEST TIME [closed]THIS CONTEST IS OVER, YOU CAN SEE THE RESULTS HERE:

Yes yes...FINALLY, I CAN HOLD A CONTEST ;O; Please read carefully!
I wanted to do a contest since almost a year, but I didn't feel ready for it. I can't wait forever - I finally decided to hold it! I'm editing this journal since August.../slaps
I hope this time you will be more satisfied with the prizes, I'll try to do as many prizes as I will be able to give.
It's a ''draw my character'' contest, so the only one thing you need to do is draw one (or more) of my characters from the list below C:
Spreading the info about the contest would be really greatly appreciated ;///; I don't know how many people would want to join it, I'm still kinda stressed. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that no one will even look at this journal. Please help me to make this contest a bit more popular ;///; Even a small journal can help.
and send me the note with the info what would you like from me.

THE WINNERS. it was really HARD. Especially to pick 3rd, 2nd and 1nd. I spent a lot of hours on this ;///o///; Please don't complain about my choose of the winners!

:iconblueheartplz:T E N T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
If summer comes by Sketchii-tan
Such a lovely composition! I love these bright colors, Astrid and Linnea look totally lovely together. The concept is adorable, you made my heart melt.

:iconblueheartplz:N I N T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
CE : Variel by Akai-Len
Variel looks so majestatic and lively here! I love this light and coloring, it looks so fresh and nice. You captured his personality really well, he looks great in your style.

:iconblueheartplz:E I G H T . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
Contest: Ancheal and Ronya by Kiry-Kiyo
Two fullbodies with bg, wahh! The poses and colors are TOTALLY awesome. You included every detail of their designs, I could recognise them even on the smallest miniature of this pic. I believe it was hard work, you did it great <3

:iconblueheartplz:S E V E N T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
The Sun Shines by Levina99
Fantastic composition, such an optimistic and lively scenery that fits his energic personality very well. The coloring is really great, and the pose too, he looks just like he should looks <3

:iconblueheartplz:S I X T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
[CE] Crimson Afternoon by Maki-sann
Absolutely great scene, I loved the bg from the first sight. Hilka and Arvis look really amazing here, I just adore how did you put them together. I had it on my phone's screen for some time haha : D

:iconblueheartplz:F I F T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
CE: Flowers for thee by KawaiiNoDesu
I feel in love with these colors. Everything look so perfect, this scenery is really calm and nice - just an eye candy. She should look JUST LIKE THIS, you drew her absolutely beautiful.

:iconblueheartplz:F O U R T H . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
Sinking Dreams by reddwin
SDASDJAHJS These colors. They're sooo eyecatching. And the pose. And the expression. If I ever back to these characters, I'd put it on my wall. Ancheal looks just fantastic, you did wonderful job on him.

:iconblueheartplz:T H I R D . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
Lost... by DragonBunnyGirl
DAMN THESE COLORS AND THIS BG AND HILKA ASDHJKDS I absolutely adore this drawing SO MUCH. She looks so wonderful, I couldn't draw my own character better. I couldn't even think about better drawing of this girl, you drew her just perfect.

:iconblueheartplz:S E C O N D . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
Honoria by pirupiruze
Love at first sight. These colors are magical, you did really great job on this girl. I totally love your art style, she looks just amazing here. The background couldn't be better, I adore this SO MUCH. ASDHDJDHSJFG.

:iconblueheartplz:F I R S T . P L A C E:iconblueheartplz:
Honoria by KudamonoYasai
I fell in love with this drawing, it has special place in my heart. These details, these furniture, these plants. You drew her better than I could do, you really captured her personality here. I love these bright lights and happy and calm atmosphere.

Thank you, thank you again. You will never know how much I loved ALL your entries. Please don't feel bad if your entry didn't win. I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART AND I'M REALLY HAPPY THAT YOU WANTED TO PARTICIPATE <3
Also, sorry for my inactivity on dA and for that I didn't replied to your comments last time! Sometimes I'm hyperactive, sometimes I don't even check my messages here ;u;
It seems like...that's all!
Wish you happy summer <3


Thu Apr 30, 2015, 2:10 PM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Hello! Since I have a lot of free time now, I think I can take some commissions ;u;
Is anyone interested in chibis with this base? Please help help help, I need to earn about 11K points ;/////////////////;
Adopt #10 GIVEAWAY closed by EndiriaAdopt #13 AUCTION - closed by Endiria

Price for one is 300-400 points, depends on character design.

//sorry only base commissions, because I've got lazy a bit with digital art XD

I have male version of this base, so boys are ok too!

- you can order max. 3 charas
- humans only plz
- cute charas are welcome
- I will start after I get payment
- you can ask for simple patterned bg (but no transparent bg avalible)

slots are not limited now
//please don't rush me! I will finish them all, but I'm not art machine

1 - cloudylicious done
2 - theNightwishmaster Martina done
3 - BatoncatCustom Adopt Batoncat By Yanderika-d8fpv9b II - C Batoncat By Lerolla-d8a23md not finished
4 - Rina-ran Leche ref done
5 - mi-ya-ka… not finished

6 - VannaBananaa I want to commission YOU! by VannaBananaa  done
7 - piyoa tika new design reference by piyoa not finished
8 - MochiaaBite my friends like Chocolate not finished
9 - Setsuna-Yena I -… II -… III -… not finished
10 - Aunli… not finished
11 - Pandalana Wadanohara Fanart The blue witch not finished
12 - fluffbat Shiny Clothes not finished


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